Clark & Company
(Omaha, NE)

I started using Moxie Publicity because I didn’t have time to make follow-up calls with venues or the media, or to do the legwork required to book tours and special events.

Melissa at Moxie is tenacious, and she gets results. To say I am a satisfied customer is an understatement: I am absolutely thrilled I found her!

—Melanie Clark
Band Manager


Hairball Productions
(Minneapolis, MN)

Moxie Publicity has worked with Hairball for three years and we have noticed a great improvement in the interaction with the band. Hairball is constantly doing interviews for radio stations and print sources to promote our shows. Melissa is always thinking outside the box as she is always coming up with new and creative ideas for promoting events. We have recommended her to multiple other companies and artists looking to expand their reach with customers.

—Danielle Findling
Executive Assistant


Jade Presents
(Fargo, ND)

Besides assisting with press releases and media relations, Melissa has a truly unique voice and vision when working on our events. She always has engaging and fresh ideas that help bring new life to our productions.

—Shelby Sachs
Coordinator / Marketing & Event Partnerships


Melissa is helpful with everything asked of her. She is punctual on deadlines and interviews and has extensive knowledge of many markets. Melissa is well versed when it comes to working with artist management, venues and media. I appreciate her hard work and dedication and look forward to our continued work relationship.

—Emily Krier


Melissa Kucirek has been fundamental in the launch of our new app. She’s connected us with the right people to ensure the word gets out so that our launch could be a success!

—Katelin Madsen
Digital Content Manager / Patron Services


Melissa is extremely knowledgeable in publ relation efforts and working with media to increase exposure for the artists we work with. She’s exceptionally on top trends and ideas and is always quick to respond to a request. She’s wonderful to work with.

—Megan Pechin Bergseth


Melissa’s a go-getter in everything she does. She’s reliable, consistent, and goes above and beyond of what we ask of her. She’s constantly brainstorming ideas and thinking outside the box to push ticket sales for our company. She’s an important part of our team and a real asset to have. We’re lucky to have her!

—Krista Driscoll
General Manager


Ricky Nelson Remembered / NELSON
(Los Angeles, CA)

I’ve known Melissa Kucirek for many years now and have had the pleasure of working with her and Moxie Publicity on my various entertainment projects for most of that time. Melissa is the kind of person who goes outside the box to make it happen. When Ricky Nelson Remembered was conceived as a live multimedia event to cater to a multigenerational demographic, Melissa was onboard from inception, and gracefully and creatively handled the challenges of publicizing to an audience of 8- to 80-year-olds and building the RNR brand to a viable and enduring touring entity.

It comes down to this: Melissa does what she says she will. She gets it done. And she is a good person. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

—Matthew Nelson


Rockin' WHMH 101.7 FM/
TriCounty Broadcasting
(St.Cloud/ Minneapolis, MN)

We have been working with Melis K for quite a few years. In addition to getting some well-known national acts live in our studio (Matthew and Gunnar Nelson /Ricky Nelson Remembered, with our AM station AM 800 WVAL-Original Classic County ) we have also done very successful promotions, live appearances and interviews on our stations with Great White and Hairball, who is from our hometown . We have not only improved our listenership but have also increased head count in shows in regards to the above-mentioned bands in our area. PR is just a small part of what Melis does. We are grateful and appreciative of her hard work and teamwork in this business.

—Carla Jurgens
Sales Account Manager/On Air/


BIGG Time Entertainment

My agency has been representing the national touring 80s rock act Great White for nearly 11 years. Over the course of those 11 years, Great White has performed literally hundreds of shows all across the U.S. at multi-million-dollar casinos, festivals, biker rallies, and theaters as well as local, county and state fairs.

During that time, I have had the pleasure of working with Moxie publicist Melissa Kucirek. Her diligence and attention to detail in everything she dos is amazing and incredibly reliable. Melissa never hesitates to dig in and really work her creative muscles. Her unique perspective has resulted in some outstanding show outcomes. One example we love to reference is the “Win a Bite with Great White” where the band gives the promoters opportunities to create contests for fans to win dinner with the band in order to create additional excitement around those engagements. Not only is she brilliant, but she also has an exceptional attitude that is positive and productive.

To say that Melissa is a valuable asset is a gross understatement. She continually strives above and beyond her duties as a publicist to assist in any way that will produce an optimal outcome for her clients.

Having worked for more than 20 years in an industry as tumultuous as the entertainment business, I can honestly say that I rarely encounter a finer person or publicist than Melissa Kucirek.

—Sullivan D. Bigg



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